Our Charges

Fixed Cost Divorce Cardiff

In some circumstances it may be possible to undertake work for you on a fixed cost basis. The fixed cost will be determined on a case by case basis.

Where fixed costs are not suitable for your case, your legal costs will be charged out on a time charged basis.

Standard Costs

Your legal costs should not become another source of worry for you in this already difficult time.

From the outset, we aim to give you a realistic idea of what your case will cost while working to keep those costs to a minimum. Our fixed fees, where appropriate, make your costs easy to budget.

The general rule is that each side pays their own costs and only exceptionally does the Court order one side to pay the other sides costs.

Standard Hourly Charges

£180.00 plus Vat Per hour for standard divorce civil partnership, children and financial advice, assistance and representation.

Enhanced Hourly Charges

£220.00 plus Vat per hour for cases with the following elements:

  1. International children matters or financial assets/income
  2. Taking over conduct from previously appointed solicitors
  3. Consideration of Experts evidence ( excluding Pension Actuary reports, which is included in the Standard rate charges )
  4. Where there are more than 2 parties to the litigation
  5. Total assets of the parties in excess of £1 million pounds
 Sears Tooth Agreement

If you cannot afford to pay in full your legal costs as the case progresses, your case may be suitable for a Sears Tooth arrangement, each case is evaluated for suitability on its own merits. This deed has the effect of assigning your financial settlement to the Rebecca Oakley Family Law Solicitors, to enable us to cover our costs incurred in acting for you. When the case is over, your solicitor’s fees will be paid first and in full out of the settlement. . If a Sears Tooth Agreement is entered into by you with us, you will be advised by an independent solicitor, after full legal advice has been taken as to the nature of the agreement. The Sears Tooth Agreement is a widely known method of funding divorce and associated litigation and will be upheld by the Court if there is a later dispute about the agreement. Not all cases are suitable for Sears Tooth Agreement funding

Applying to the Court for Maintenance including funding of Legal costs.

It may be possible to apply to the Court for maintenance to include an allowance to meet your on- going legal costs if there is a very large difference in the income earned between the parties. To discuss this option, please contact us.