Divorce and Finances

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At Rebecca Oakley Family Law Solicitors we understand that going through a Divorce or Civil Partnership Dissolution can be a stressful and confusing experience, and therefore we go to great lengths to simplify and explain the process to you ensure your anxieties are kept to a minimum.

The legal process of obtaining a divorce can seem overwhelming. That is why we are here to help you every step of the way, to guide you through with advice, support and practical assistance.

There are matters that will need to be addressed in addition to the actual Divorce or Dissolution, such as:

  • Division of the family home , savings and any other assets including any family business
  • Pensions sharing or off-setting
  • On-going financial support – maintenance for the husband / wife or civil partner
  • Top Up child support

All these matters will be clearly explained to you and you will be advised which of the matters need to be addressed in your circumstances.

Rebecca Oakley Family Law Solicitors , has the experience, expertise and skill to get the best outcome in the circumstances no matter what your reasons for divorce, no matter what the situation, whether there is an international element or there are children involved

Financial settlements

By Choosing Rebecca Oakley Family Law Solicitors you will benefit from our high quality and value for money service, as we specialise in resolving financial disputes. We have a reputation for combining excellent negotiation, mediation and litigation skills and with practical common sense to achieve the best financial outcome for you.

Your case may be suitable for Fixed Fee representation.

Fixed Fees for Uncomplicated Divorce Cardiff / Civil Partnership Dissolution Cardiff

PETITIONER (If you are applying for the divorce)

We charge £360.00 plus VAT and disbursements including court fees to represent you from start to finish in obtaining your Divorce. Your case will be handled through out by Rebecca Oakley and the fixed fee includes all attendances on you necessary. Our Fixed fee service is strictly for a straightforward divorce / Civil Partnership dissolution with no ancillary issues involving children and/ or financial settlements or any other circumstances which may complicate the process.

At present, Court fees are £410.00 on filing the Petition and includes the final decree/ decree absolute. If you are on a low income or in receipt of welfare benefits, you may be eligible for a fee exemption for part/all of the court fees.

Respondent (if your spouse/partner applied of the Divorce)

As a Respondent to a Divorce/Civil Partnership Petition, we can advise and assist you for a Fixed Fee of £165.00 plus VAT. This fee is for a straightforward divorce/ Civil Partnership Dissolution and does not include addressing matters relating to Children or financial arrangements

If you are contemplating a Divorce/ Civil Partnership dissolution or if your spouse or partner has taken steps to end the marriage/ civil partnership, please contact us so that we may advice you how we can help you and on your options.