Civil Partnership Dissolution

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Civil partners have the same legal rights and obligations as married couples to each other and children on the breakdown of the relationship. Couples in a Civil partnership should be aware that one of the things a Court will look at in deciding what is fair is the length of the relationship. In doing this, the length of the relationship before the civil partnership was formalised will usually count if the couple were living together as though married, with all the emotional and financial ties that entails. You might find a court treating civil partners who have lived together for twenty years but became civil partners only 3 years ago as it would any couple who had been married a full twenty years, for example – even though civil partnerships were not even possible for a part of the life of the relationship.

It view of recent progress it is only a matter of time before the distinction between civil partnerships and marriage is removed. In the meantime, the section on Financial Arrangements on Divorce is just as relevant to those in Civil Partnerships.

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