Lasting Power of Attorney

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Lasting Powers of Attorney Cardiff (LPA):

It may never feel like the right time to think about what might happen if you lose the ability to make your own decision but there is a wrong time and that is when it is too late.

Acting now can save stress, upset and uncertainty for you and your family. It can help avoid conflict in some cases and give you the peace of mind that your affairs and welfare will always be in the right hands and that your preferences are respected.

We at Rebecca Oakley Family Law Solicitors can provide a cost effective and professional service to help you ensure your wishes are given effect when it is most important.

A Lasting Power of attorney is a legal Document which you can use to name one or more people you trust to look after your financial affairs and or to make decisions about your health and welfare in the event of you becoming unable to act or think independently to make these decisions for yourself.

Financial Lasting Power of Attorney

If you become unable to manage your own financial affairs and make decisions for yourself, practical difficulties in the day to day management of your affairs could arise. Yours bills might be left unpaid and debts and late payments charges could be incurred. You might not be able to access your money or deal with routine paper work regarding your finances, utilities or appointments. Your home environment might deteriorate through lack of maintenance. You might not be able to assist your loved ones in financial difficulty who you would otherwise have wanted to and been able to afford help, if you could handle your own financial affairs.

If you appoint an Attorney under a Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney, in the event of you losing capacity to handle your own affairs, your appointed Attorney can assist you to address these matters. This Legal document can provide for your Attorney to act only in the limited circumstances of your losing mental capacity, or it can be wider should you decide, so that your Attorney can act for you if you are too ill, infirm or otherwise unable to take care of your own affairs.

Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney Cardiff

If you lose mental capacity to think and act for yourself, you may also be unable to make decisions about your daily care needs and your healthcare. You might not be able to communicate your wishes to those caring for you.

You can appoint a Health and Welfare Attorney to make decisions about your healthcare and treatment should you ever lose the capacity or ability to make or communicate these decisions yourself. Your Attorney will be able to address matters such as your daily routine, medical care, moving into a care home and refusing life-sustaining treatment.

A Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney will not ever take effect unless you lose mental capacity to make your own decisions and then only for the duration that you are so incapacitated.

Choosing an Attorney

Your attorney can be anyone 18 or over, a relative, a friend, a professional (like a solicitor), your husband, wife or partner. You need to feel that your attorney is trustworthy and will have your best interests at heart. You cannot appoint any person under 18, a person who is unable to make decisions or has been declared bankrupt ( to look after property or money).

It would be advisable to appoint someone who you consider to be financially responsible and emotionally stable and mature for this important role. You will need to consider how well the person looks after their own financial affairs, how well you know them, how willing they will be to make decisions for you. You also need to consider whether there is likely to be any conflict of interest between what is in your best interest as opposed to theirs or any person who might have influence upon them.