Arrangements for children

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The most important aspect following the breakdown of a relationship is the arrangements made for the children to continue to have full and proper relationships with both parents. Trying to meet all parties needs and preferences can often end up being most contentious and distressing. We aim to achieve the best outcome for you and your children and that almost always means avoiding fully contentious and expensive court battles where possible. We understand that every pound you spend on lawyers is a pound you don’t have available to spend on your children.

Child law can be a complicated area of Family Law and changes constantly. What used to be custody became residence and contact and in the most recent changes are now referred to as “arrangements for children”. These are more than just changes in terminology; they are significant changes in the approach of the Courts, although a child’s welfare is still of paramount importance.

Where once public funding (legal aid) was relatively widely available for these cases, it has now been greatly restricted. That is where Rebecca Oakley Family Law Solicitors can help. We offer sensitive, child centred assistance at a fair and competitive price. We aim to resolve issues over child arrangements quickly and efficiently, with the least amount of distress for you and your children. We will fight to ensure your child’s welfare, whether it be their right to a proper relationship with a parent or ensuring their safety and well-being. We always strive for the best possible outcome for you and your family.